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Fanciers Breeder Referral List (FBRL)

Cat breeders across the USA and Canada

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Search for purebred cat breeders by breed, location, cattery name, or cat breeder name. It also links you to the FBRL cat breed pages.

Contact cat breeders directly to find out about your favorite breeds, cats or kittens for sale, or upcoming litters.

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Litter Announcements

The latest litters on the block are announced here. FBRL-listed cat breeders announce new litters, kittens for sale or kittens available for reservation.

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Retired Friends

The original Web service for matching retired adult pedigreed cats with new pet homes, Retired Friends has helped place more than 3,000 retired show and breeder cats. Cats with special needs, rescued cats, and senior cats receive distinct designations.

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Are you a cat breeder?

Listing a new cattery, or updating an current listing? Find out how the FBRL can help you connect with more potential homes for your purebred cats and kittens. Affordable rates put it within easy reach of even the smallest-scale breeder. Start a new ad, update a current one, renew your subscription, or find out how to list your own retired adults or new litters.

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Silver Star/Gold Star Listings: This designation is awarded to FBRL breeders who have maintained continuous listings with the FBRL for several years. While this means that the breeder has not had a formal complaint successfully filed against them with the FBRL which would result in loss of listing privileges, it is not meant to imply any special status or seal of approval beyond that of a loyal customer to my website. I'm especially proud to have them as the backbone of this service!

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