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American Bobtail

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American Bobtail (Chanan)The American Bobtail cat is a naturally occurring short-tailed cat, brawny, of medium to large size, with a shaggy, semi-longhair coat.

American Bobtail cats should be well-fleshed and muscular, without being overly fat. The tail is short, reaching halfway to the hock, and should stand erect when the cat is alert. The American Bobtail personality is often reserved with strangers, but they are tractable and warm up quickly to friends and family.

American Bobtail kittens are available in a wide variety of colors.

Males can be proportionately larger than females, and have typical male characteristics such as jowls. Seasonal variations of the coat should be recognized. American Bobtails should have a wild look, not a wild temperament.

Interesting breed fact: Many Bobtails are fascinated with shiny objects and create little hoards of "found treasures". Owners of Bobtails with this proclivity may need to take some extra care to stash tempting objects such as keys and small pieces of jewelry where an enterprising Bobtail can't get them -- or at least know where their cats tend to stash their finds.

Associations: American Bobtails are accepted in ACFA, CFA, and TICA.

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