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  • Gato Azul , Christine Rosenfield, Virginia. Breed(s): Chartreux
  • Geishagoll, Constance Goller, Utah. Breed(s): Colorpoint Shorthair, Siamese
  • GemsOfTriTam, Tammy Hess, Florida. Breed(s): Devon Rex
  • Gentle Isle, Rachel Howeth, Prince Edward Island. Breed(s): American Shorthair
  • GGLegacy, Gisele Duplessis, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Gil-Aby, Gil and Billie Groover, Florida. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Ginchika, Janipurr, Jennifer Reding, California. Breed(s): Japanese Bobtail
  • Ginchika, Rockinashi, Nikki and Cory Crandall-Seibert, DVM, Illinois. Breed(s): Japanese Bobtail
  • Gitalaya, Gail Pomerantz, Texas. Breed(s): European Burmese
  • Glenlea, Donna and Brad Johnson, Minnesota. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Glorious, Catherine Lewis, Washington. Breed(s): Siberian
  • Godspeed, Roberta Strohaker, Florida. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Goofyfoot, Jennifer Carriker, North Carolina. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Gotier, Henri Pelletier, Florida. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Grandbois, Nancy Dionne and Dale Steele, Idaho. Breed(s): Chartreux
  • Gray Mark, Margaret and Raymond Stevens, California. Breed(s): Burmese, Bombay
  • Gules, Kathleen and Carolyn Shimek, Ohio. Breed(s): Somali
  • Gunsmoke, Mac and Charlene Munro, Georgia. Breed(s): Somali



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