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  • R P Cathouse, Stella Gaylor, Maryland. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • RagBigBoy, Beverly Watkins, Arizona. Breed(s): Ragdoll
  • RagdollChapps, Jen Chappell, North Carolina. Breed(s): Ragdoll
  • Rags2Dazzle, Addie Griffin, Florida and Tennessee. Breed(s): Ragdoll (Florida) and Ragdoll (Tennessee)
  • Ragster, Sharon Clark, California. Breed(s): Ragdoll
  • Ramkatz, Betty Raam, New Jersey. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Ranchcats, Cliff and Jenny Hamons, Texas. Breed(s): Oriental Shorthair, Siamese
  • RandazzleMe, Dawn Randazzo, Maryland. Breed(s): Sphynx
  • Ray du Soleil, Maya Strzelec, Illinois. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • RB Cathouse, Rhonda Baerwald, Arkansas. Breed(s): Persian
  • Red Ferne, Lisa and Walter Kaelin, Kentucky. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Regal Siberian, Marina Vatner, Virginia. Breed(s): Siberian
  • Regalcoons, Grace Reger, Florida. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Reigning Cats, Karon Hansberger, Florida. Breed(s): Maine Coon, Siberian
  • Reigning, Nicole Seals, Ohio. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Reikirex , Ilona Vilcina, New York. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Rejinald, Natalia Foster, Colorado. Breed(s): British Shorthair, Scottish Fold
  • Rexkwizit, Sandra Nabeta, Ontario. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Ricela, Elaine and Richard Kish, Ohio. Breed(s): Tonkinese
  • RieMarkable, Laurie Proctor, California. Breed(s): Birman
  • Righteous Blues, Courtney Aliah, North Carolina. Breed(s): Russian Blue
  • RK Gems, Randy and Kay Bertrand, Washington. Breed(s): Scottish Fold
  • Rock Hill, Brooke Hughes, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Breed(s): Maine Coon (Minnesota) and Maine Coon (Wisconsin)
  • Rockatz, Janet Hauser-Hernandez, Indiana. Breed(s): Oriental Shorthair, Siamese
  • Rockinashi, Ginchika, Nikki and Cory Crandall-Seibert, DVM, Illinois. Breed(s): Japanese Bobtail
  • RockinBlues, Cori Cherok, Alabama. Breed(s): Ragdoll
  • RockstarDolls, Melissa, Virginia. Breed(s): Ragdoll
  • Rocky Mountain, Kim Speaker, Colorado. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Rokstarr, Evita, Brian Tripp, Minnesota. Breed(s): Burmese, Burmese
  • Royal Blues USA, Sarah Fosnight, Ohio. Breed(s): Russian Blue
  • Royal Brits, Steve Frank, Texas. Breed(s): British Shorthair, Scottish Fold
  • Royal Devons, Yana Melster, Ontario. Breed(s): Devon Rex
  • RoyalLions, Janie and Allen Harris, Florida. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Royalnefertt, Andra Hearne, California. Breed(s): Egyptian Mau
  • Rozhenitsa, Yvan Lebel, Oregon. Breed(s): Siberian
  • Rubanthom, Andrea Thompson, Georgia. Breed(s): Russian Blue
  • Rum Gully, Barbara and Shelton Cole, South Carolina. Breed(s): British Shorthair, Scottish Fold
  • Ruzlin, Linda Rusin, Michigan. Breed(s): Cornish Rex



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