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Egyptian Mau

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Egyptian MauEgyptian Mau cats do bear a resemblance to paintings of ancient Egyptian cats, although this does not prove that they are actually of Egyptian origin. The first documented Egyptian Maus were brought to the United States in 1956 by a Russian princess named Natalie Troubetskoy. The matriarch of the Egyptian Mau breed was a silver female named Baba.

These active, athletic cats have the randomly-spotted tabby pattern resembling wild cats, but are fully domesticated. In fact, the Egyptian Mau is the only naturally-occurring pedigreed breed of spotted domestic cat. They have expressive green eyes, known for a slightly "worried" expression.

Egyptian MauThe Egyptian Mau personality is devoted, active without being hyperactive, and unusually intelligent.

Egyptian Mau kittens are bred in colors such as bronze, silver, and black smoke. They were first accepted in 1968 by CFF.

Interesting breed fact: Egyptian Maus are the fastest breed of domestic cat; they have been clocked running over 30 mph (48 kph).

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Associations: Egyptian Mau cats are accepted by all major U.S. and Canadian registries.

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