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FBRL New Listing FAQ

Table of Contents

Cost and payment for an FBRL listing -- and what it covers

The FBRL standard listing subscription costs $59.99 per year (U.S. funds) for Standard service, and $89.99 for Premium service.

To see the difference between the two ad types, click here. (opens in a separate window).

Both Standard and Premium listing services includes the following:

  • basic line listing for your cattery under all relevant breeds, with all information included in the cattery signup form. It's the same price whether you list under one breed or six.
  • unlimited maintenance of this information -- you don't pay for changes to your listing.
  • free use of the Retired Friends cat placement service (up to 3 listings at one time) and unlimited maintenance of Retired Friends entries
  • free use of the Litter Announcement service (up to 3 litters at one time) and unlimited maintenance of litter announcements
  • A photo included every listing under every breed (only one photo per breed, however). Photo sizes on listings are standardized, and are larger on a Premium listing.

Premium listing service adds the following:

  • Larger photograph than the Standard listing.
  • A free form Breeder's Statement. The Breeder's Statement allows a large area for personal expression to tell potential buyers about your cattery, cats, and breeding philosophy. The Breeder's Statement is not restricted to limited facts and may include nearly anything the breeder wants to say; the only things I will not allow are outright fabrications or any negative statement against another breeder. These will be edited for spelling and grammar only.
  • Preferred placement within the state. Premium listings will be listed within their breed and state first, above any standard listings. If there is more than one Premium listing within one breed and state, the Premium ads will appear in alphabetical order by breeder's last name.
  • A colored box around the ad to make it stand out. Right now, the standard color is green. I may offer a small range of optional colors at some point in the future.

The FBRL accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, PayPal, check, and money order. PayPal offers the additional options of automatic recurring payments and optional invoicing.

Credit card payments ensure fastest service. Your cattery listing will go up within 2-3 business days of verified payment. If you plan to pay by personal check, you will need to wait for the check to clear my bank prior to having your cattery listed.

Your official subscription start date is the first of the month after your listing first appears. In other words, if your listing goes up on January 15th, your official subscription start date is February 1st.

You will not be sent a bill by postal mail. I don't even ask for your mailing address. You are expected to pay when you sign up.

Payment is due immediately. You will receive a reminder by e-mail if payment is not received within 30 days. At 60 days' overdue your listing will be removed.

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Basic ground rules for an FBRL listing

The following lists basic ground rules of a listing:

  • All listings must include a valid e-mail address. I will not list a breeder only with a telephone number.
  • Home (postal mail) addresses will not be listed, even by request.

  • Breeders must have registered catteries. You must have a registered and approved cattery name registered with at least one major domestic cat registry to list with the FBRL. A major registry meets the following requirements: it registers individual domestic cats and cattery names, issues registry and pedigree papers, keeps pedigree data, maintains written conformation standards, and licenses conformation shows. This includes organizations such as CFA and TICA.

  • I will not list catteries associated with unregistered and unregisterable cats, wild (undomesticated) animal breeding, or brokering (this does not count the breeding and sale ONLY of accepted hybrids such as the Bengal, Chausie, and Savannah. I do not support the pet sale of wild animals used in the production of these breeds -- only of their hybrid offspring). The FBRL is a place for advertising pedigreed, registered, domestic cats ONLY. The FBRL will not list exotic (non-domestic) cats, mixed-breed cats, or unregistered cats. Some exception is made for individuals working toward the establishment of new breeds, but these are dealt with on a case by case basis. If you have any questions about this policy, please email me for clarification.

  • I reserve the right to edit entries for grammar, spelling, and to conform with overall style and stated policies of this list.

  • New breeds will be added only if they meet minimum criteria. The minimum criteria is that a new breed will be listed if it has at least Preliminary New Breed or registration status in a major domestic cat registry. It also keeps pedigree and registration data that is recognized and accepted with other major registries. I will confirm such status through contacts with the registries. I will list catteries who breed experimental colors of established registered breeds.

  • As the list maintainer, I assume NO responsibility for transactions conducted on this list. I do not police breeders; I accept payment to list them. I am primarily selling advertising space. Breeders listed here are expected to maintain high ethical standards in breeding and business practice. However, since I have no way of checking up on breeders, any and all aspects of transactions conducted as results of contacts through this list are entirely at the risk of the breeder and purchaser. The breeder is also responsible for complying with all list rules; violations of list rules will be dealt with as discovered.

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Information included in an FBRL listing

An FBRL listing contains the following information (those marked in bold are mandatory):

  • Your name*
  • Your cattery name
  • Which associations you have your cattery/cats registered
  • Your country
  • Your state or province (mandatory for US, Canada, and Australia)
  • Your city or other location
  • Your website address
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your telephone/cell/FAX
  • Your Facebook page
  • Crosslinks to other breeds (mandatory if you breed more than one breed)
  • What kind of lines you have (champion, grand, national, etc.**)
  • Whether you offer a written health guarantee
  • Some specific health guarantee information
  • Spay/neuter policies
  • Information on whether you ship your cats
  • What colors you work with
  • Other notes (optional -- restricted to certain concrete information listed below)
All listings must be submitted through the online New Cattery Signup Form (link below).

*Names will be omitted by request if there is a good reason not to list a name. However, you must sign up with your full first and last name.

** Some people have asked me to define "regional winner", "breed winner", and "national winner" lines. If you have a cat in your pedigree in the last three generations of your active breeding cats who is a regional, breed, or national winner, it's regional, breed, or national winner lines as far as I am concerned. Three generations means parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

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CFA Cattery of Excellence, TICA Outstanding Cattery, etc.

These designations must include expiration dates. CFA has a rule that states that to advertise a CFA Cattery of Excellence or CFA Approved Cattery designation, you must include that designation's expiration date. This is to prevent people from continuing to advertise this designation even after it has expired and is no longer current. If you do not select an expiration date, this designation will not be added to your listing.

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About the Notes section

The purpose of the Notes section is to give brief, clear, quantifiable, stable, and noncompetitive information.

What I mean by "stable" is that the information does not change frequently. Remember: there are hundreds of breeders listed on this service! If I had to keep track of what each cattery did and did not have available at any given day, or how many grands everyone has after every show weekend, I'd either be doing nothing else, or doing nothing at all because I'd have completely lost my mind.

Just stick to the basic facts, please, using the rules laid out below.

The Notes section MAY include any of the following:

  • if you are a Breed Council secretary or chair (specify association) or an officer in a large-scale breed organization.
  • if you are a Breed Council/Committee member (specify association)
  • if you edit a breed-related newsletter or wide-circulation general interest cat newsletter
  • if you are a member of a breed-specific organization
  • colors you work with or specialize in

The Notes section on a standard listing MAY NOT include such information as:

  • individual cats, lines, numbers of grands, etc. in your cattery or breeding lines;
  • what kittens/cats you have available: that is what Litter Announcements and Retired Friends are for;
  • pet, breeder, show: this should be redundant;
  • information on stud service availability
  • nonquantifiable statements such as "best cats in the state", "wonderful personalities", "bred for glowing good health", etc. The Notes are just for bald facts;
  • prices: I don't want to encourage bargain shopping, or get the idea that kittens are for sale directly from the FBRL, like books from a bookstore;
  • how long you have been breeding: unfortunately, longevity doesn't necessarily translate to common sense. There are bad breeders out there who have been in it for twenty years, and great breeders who have only been in for a couple years. (The opposite is also true, of course).
  • breeding philosophy statements
  • tag lines or cute slogans.

The purpose of the Notes section is information, plain and simple. For a more personalized approach, the Premium Service offers a breeders' statement that allows you to say nearly anything about your cattery, except for anything that would libel or slander another breeder. The Premium Service is $89.99 per year.

All cute misspellings with cat puns, such as "purrfect" or "purrsonality", that do NOT occur in cattery names will be corrected to their proper spelling. It gets repetitive and looks unprofessional across an entire page.

But please know that I will edit out information from your Notes section that does not conform strictly to the rules listed above.

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Sending photos

If you want to read the instructions now, you can go to the Photo Submission FAQ. Otherwise, you can go to any FBRL breed listing page and click "Add A Photo" for photos.

It is your responsibility to send your photographs. I have too many breeders listed to chase after people for pictures. You are not required to submit a photo; it's your option when and if to do so.

Photos may not appear on the same day as a new listing. They may appear 1-2 days after a listing because they are processed separately.

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Keeping your listing up-to-date

I rely on you to keep your listing information updated. To correct or update a listing, go to the Update Form. It is your responsibility to inform me if your FBRL listing information changes. Fixing ads is free. Unlike some pay advertising services, I don't charge for fixing your data!

Please use the form. Your listing will be corrected much more quickly if you use proper channels.

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Can I be listed in more than one state, province, or country?

You can be listed in more than one state IF you own legal residences in more than one state. For example, I have several "snowbird" listers who have homes in the north and winter homes in the southern US.

People who have only one legal residence may NOT list in adjoining states -- even if you're right on the border. You must list in your state of legal residence.

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Disciplinary suspension from the FBRL

I cannot police breeders. I can and have removed breeders for violations of the Terms of Service. If you want to know more about why breeders can be removed, refer to the Disciplinary Suspensions page.

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Canceling service

FBRL Cancellation Policy: If you choose to cancel your FBRL service, please use this form to remove your listing. Refunds are not issued for early cancellations.

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Signing up for the service

Sign up for STANDARD service ($59.99/year)

Sign up for PREMIUM service ($89.99/year)


Can't access the online forms?

If you cannot access the online forms, write to me at and we'll work it out.




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