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Listing a Cattery with the FBRL

If you breed pedigreed cats and have a cattery registered with any of the major cat associations*, and meet a few basic acceptance criteria, you can list your cattery with the FBRL.

To be listed with the FBRL, a cattery must:

  • have a valid email address
  • have a cattery name registered with at least one major cat association*
  • register all its cats and kittens with at least one major cat association*
  • not be engaged in the purposeful breeding of mixed-breed, and therefore unregisterable cats
  • not be engaged in the purposeful breeding of exotic (wild) mammals for pet sale, except as kept within the production of accepted hybrid breeds such as Bengal, Chausie, and Savannah
  • not have been permanently suspended or have members who have been suspended from any major animal association, including those not related to cats (if there has ever been a temporary suspension, it has been fully resolved with the registry)
  • never have had any member convicted of any crime related to animals (this includes misdemeanors where the crime was in any way animal related, not just specifically cruelty to animals or animal endangerment).

*A major cat association is defined bythe FBRL as an association that meets all of these three criteria: (1) screens, accepts, and maintains standards for a selected group of cat breeds, (2) registers and maintains pedigrees of cats in these accepted breeds, and (3) licenses and holds conformation shows. This includes such organizations including but not limited to CFA, TICA, ACF, and GCCF, but does not include organizations such as breed-specific clubs, or registry-only organizations such as the National Purebred Cat Registry.

All breeders are required to read the listing rules prior to listing with the FBRL. These explain some of the listing policies such as allowed vs. disallowed information and how I help protect your privacy.

Once you have read the rules, you will be able to click a form to sign up. Please allow yourself 10-15 minutes to complete the process.

Read the listing rules for the FBRL






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