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FBRL: Submitting a Photo

You can submit a photo one of two ways:

Email photos

Direct me to pick up from your web site

Other ways to send photos

This is only for submitting photos for your main listing, not Retired Friends or litter announcements.

  • Photos should be at least 400 pixels on their shortest side.

  • Send files in JPG, PNG, BMP or TIFF. GIF files do not resize well, but if they are larger than 600px square, I can probably use it.

  • No irregular borders, odd formatting (such as oval), logos, names typed or written on the photo, or focus on people rather than the cat. Names, logos or irregular borders may be able to be edited out, or you may be asked to submit a new photo. Photos where the main subject is a person will be returned; the focus should be on the cat.

  • I do necessary repair work free, including color correction, red-eye and "hell-kitty eye" fixes, and formatting as necessary (and possible) at no extra charge. I want your photo to look good too! I will even send back corrected copies for your own use.

  • Poor quality photos may be rejected. I reserve the right to reject any photo that is blurry, too small, heavily/poorly altered, shows dirty or unhealthy-looking cats, or is of otherwise poor quality.

  • ONLY submit photos that depict YOUR cats. This means cats who reside in your cattery and/or cats you have bred under your cattery prefix. Do NOT submit photos of cats who resemble yours but do not belong to you. Breeders have been removed permanently for misrepresenting their catteries by using other breeders' pictures without their knowledge or permission.

Email Photos

  • To email: Email photos to me at (clicking this link will insert the correct subject into your email.

    Direct me to pick up at your website

    If you have a web site and you want me to pick up a specific photo from your site, fill out this form:

    Or, if you want me to select a photo for you from your website that I think will work with your listing, send an email to with "Pick a photo from my website" in the Subject: line (clicking that link will insert it automatically for you) and your website address in the body of the message. I will take care of it from there!


    Other ways to send photos

  • I can also take photos through text message to my cell phone. I don't publish my personal cell phone number publicly, but any customer may request it. It's also attached to every email with current customers, so you can look for a previous email from me to find it.

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