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Litter Announcements: British Shorthair Kittens


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British Shorthair Breeders

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British Shorthair kittens resemble teddy bears and have a loving, calm, affectionate personality to match. They are undemanding companions, often preferring to hang out with their family rather than being "in your face" with their affection. British Shorthair breeders work in a wide variety of colors, although solid blue is the best known. British Shorthairs are of course shorthaired, and thus require little grooming, although they do shed, particularly during the spring and fall.

Photo of British Shorthair kittens Copyright ©Chanan.


Photo Breeder Name: Olga Kovalchuk
Cattery: Cats KingdomUSA
Cattery Location: San Diego

Litter born: 01-18-2018
Sire: Catskingdomusa Bllou (Red)
Dam: E'Fasmine Modus Vivendi (Blue)
Litter is/will be registered with: TICA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 04-18-2018

About This Litter: 2 blue male, 1 black male, 1 blue-cream tortie, 1 black tortie

Contact Information for Cats KingdomUSA

Listed until Apr 23, 2018



Photo Breeder Name: Natalia Foster
Cattery: Rejinald
Cattery Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Litter born: 03-22-18
Sire: RW SGC Rejinald Lilac Prince (Lilac)
Dam: Rejinald Coco (Silver Tabby)
Litter is/will be registered with: TICA
Kittens will be able to go to new homes on or after: 06-22-18

About This Litter: We have lovely babies from top quality parents: lilac female, blue female, chocolate tabby male, brown tabby male, lilac tabby female, blue tabby female. We practice natural diet (primarily raw) and holistic care for our pets. Our small home-based cattery exists for over 30 years. We breed for quality, not quantity.

Contact Information for Rejonald

Listed until July 6, 2018





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