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  • MacCallum, Shari , The Blue Lion, Colorado. Breed(s): Ragdoll
  • Madden, Marietta, Arroyo, California. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Maddox, Donna and Dana Oxner, Pierremont, Missouri. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Maddox, Pat, Pattam, Ohio. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Madore, Terry and Cindy Cappa-Madore, M-Pawz, MPawz, New York. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Madsen, Sandra, Cherdens, British Columbia. Breed(s): Exotic, Persian
  • Magee, Elaine, Coonalley, New Jersey. Breed(s): Burmilla, Maine Coon
  • Mailyants, Alena and Vladislav Goretskiy, Sharlott, New York. Breed(s): Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight
  • Malick, Bonnie and Jacqueline, Starrpawzs, New York. Breed(s): Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight
  • Maki, Diane, Makin’WavesRex, Minnesota. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Malone, Jennifer, Designer Spots, California. Breed(s): Bengal, Savannah
  • Mangefeste, Amy, Legendtales, Washington. Breed(s): Maine Coon, Pixie-Bob
  • Manieri, Michele Dawn, CoonPals, Florida. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Mapes, Debra and Katherine Kinowski, Fencroft, Wisconsin. Breed(s): British Shorthair
  • Mardulier, Dorothy, Maullenium, Florida. Breed(s): Egyptian Mau
  • Marrow, Marva, 7th Heaven, California. Breed(s): Oriental Shorthair
  • Marsh, Dayle and Dana, Naissur Blu, Illinois. Breed(s): Russian Blue
  • Marshall, Daedra, DreamSong, Georgia. Breed(s): Cornish Rex, Ocicat
  • Martin, Colleen, UnKamen, New York. Breed(s): Abyssinian, Somali
  • Martin, Marilyn, Beaconwood, Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Martino, Linda and Carmen, VivaTonk, California. Breed(s): Tonkinese
  • Mathas, Robert G., Aar-gee Em, Ohio. Breed(s): Egyptian Mau
  • Matteo-Kerney, Cheryl, Darren and Noah Kerney, CherMa'Ki, Virginia. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Matzkin, Teri, SaraJen, Virginia. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • McCann, Natalia, Paradisefolds, Florida. Breed(s): British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight
  • McCarthy, Connie, Archenland, California. Breed(s): Siamese, Thai
  • McCaw, Mary, Koontahdin, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • McConnell, Cheryl and Suzanne Eide , Vanir, Iowa. Breed(s): Norwegian Forest Cat
  • McCreary, Holly, Lilla B, Missouri. Breed(s): Oriental Shorthair, Siamese
  • McFadden, Carole and Chet Walborn, Carchet, Idaho. Breed(s): Chartreux
  • McGinnis, Sally, Edokko, Connecticut. Breed(s): Ocicat
  • McGrady, Colleen M., Finnishline, New York. Breed(s): Norwegian Forest Cat
  • McInchak, Karen and Steve, McInkats, California. Breed(s): Oriental Shorthair, Siamese
  • Mcintyre, Joseph, Mcjax, Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Exotic, Persian
  • McKee, Nancy A., Coonport, Vermont. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • McKissick, Pat, Kitails, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Siberian
  • McLaughlin, Patricia, ThePatrician, British Columbia. Breed(s): Bombay
  • McRee, Carol and Bill, Krasota, South Carolina. Breed(s): Russian Blue
  • McReynolds, Sherry and John Randolph, Blue on Blue, Arizona. Breed(s): Russian Blue
  • Mehrtens, Debra, Cormier, Florida. Breed(s): Persian
  • Meier, Gwen and Larry, Mukulaal, Oklahoma. Breed(s): Bengal
  • Meleshko, Radmila and Susan, Levkoypetrik, New York. Breed(s): Peterbald
  • Mello, Meg, Bayouash; Bayou Ash, Louisiana. Breed(s): American Shorthair
  • Melster, Yana, Royal Devons, Ontario. Breed(s): Devon Rex
  • Mende, Ginger, Co-Star, Michigan. Breed(s): Cornish Rex
  • Menshov, Lucy and Mike, DandyBlue, New Jersey. Breed(s): British Shorthair
  • Merritt, Lynette and Steve, Pegasi, Michigan. Breed(s): Oriental Shorthair
  • Messina, Julie, Jewells , Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Persian
  • Midura, Barbara, Ouijakatz, Texas. Breed(s): Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Mikirticheva, Elena, DreamCoon, Virginia. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Mikita, Nancy, Minkitty, Ohio. Breed(s): Tonkinese
  • Miller, Celeste and Simone, Shoshoni, Iowa. Breed(s): Persian, Sphynx
  • Miller, Janis, Siberian JEM, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Siberian
  • Miller, Steven, Willabelle, Ohio. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Miller, Tanyia, Premium , Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Millman, Nina, AgapePersian, California. Breed(s): Persian
  • Minicozzi, Dawn, SnowDreams, Pennsylvania. Breed(s): Snowshoe
  • Mitchell, Theo, Seasedge, Nova Scotia. Breed(s): Bombay, Burmese
  • Moehlman, Joanne and Luanne Loggan, Nianguaview, Kansas. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Moffitt, Summer and J. Patrick, Lil Marvels , California. Breed(s): Siberian
  • Mohr, Stephanie, Kasanovakatz, California. Breed(s): Burmilla
  • Moore, Barbara A., Forever-Moor, Ohio. Breed(s): Chartreux
  • Moore, David, Anygma, Maryland. Breed(s): Abyssinian
  • Moore, Svetlana, Eseda, New York. Breed(s): Peterbald
  • Morgan, Cherie, KittyHawk, Georgia. Breed(s): British Shorthair
  • Morgan, Melanie, Emau, Virginia. Breed(s): Egyptian Mau
  • Moriarty, Peggy and Tom, Oldestage, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Morris, Brenda, Precious Gems, Missouri. Breed(s): Persian
  • Morrison, Pam, Chantalle, Massachusetts. Breed(s): Bombay, Burmese
  • Morvay, Celeste, Spree, Florida. Breed(s): Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Moscoffian, Sonja, Blackwater, North Carolina. Breed(s): Ocicat
  • Muise, Pat and George, Minghou, Louisiana. Breed(s): Siamese
  • Multer, Karen and Ira, Honeycoon, Brittasweet, North Carolina. Breed(s): British Shorthair
  • Munro, Bobbie, CatzR4me, South Carolina. Breed(s): Exotic, Himalayan, Persian
  • Munro, Mac and Charlene, Gunsmoke, Georgia. Breed(s): Somali
  • Murphy, Amanda, Excalibur Cats, Florida. Breed(s): Ragdoll
  • Murphy, Jill, Mousebane, New York. Breed(s): Tonkinese
  • Murphy, Linda, Angtini, Ohio. Breed(s): Maine Coon
  • Murphy, Sheddy, Muse Coons, Ohio. Breed(s): Maine Coon



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