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The Pixie-Bob cat is an intelligent and loyal cat, muscular and heavy-boned. Males range from 16-22 pounds as adults, though females are smaller, usually in 8-12 pounds in adulthood. Pixie-Bobs are quiet, affectionate, and usually very trainable. The Pixie-Bob personality is loyal and affectionate, and they form strong bonds with their families.

There are many conflicting stories about the origin of this breed. Most of these legends revolve around the idea that the PixieBob cat originated from a mating between wild bobcats and domestic cats. DNA evidence does not support wild origins, but it remains a popular story.

Coat patterns of Pixie-Bob kittens include spots, broken bars, and rosettes. The double coat can be short or semi-long. A straight foot PixieBob has the normal number of toes usually allotted to a cat -- 5 in the front, 4 in the back. A poly or polydactyl Pixie-Bob has more than the usual allotted number.

Interesting breed fact: The Pixie-Bob breed is the only breed of cat currently accepted by any major association that allows polydacty, also commonly known as seven-toed, although there can be more or less than seven. Polydacty most commonly occurs on the front feet only, but cats with more toes on both the front and back can also be found occasionally. In all other breeds except the Pixie-Bob, polydacty is a disqualifying fault. If you want to read more about polydacty, read the FBRL's FAQ on the subject.

Associations: The Pixie-Bob is accepted by TICA. It is accepted for Experimental status in ACFA. Although often and erroneously described as a wild or bobcat hybrid, the PixieBob cat is registered as a fully domestic breed by TICA due to the lack of wild DNA markers. There is no scientific proof that the Pixie-Bob is anything other than a fully domestic cat, although one whose wild beauty is undeniable.

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