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Retired Friends: Abyssinian

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Cat Breed Description

The Abyssinian personality is friendly, outgoing, interactive, and inquisitive. This slender, short-haired breed is distinguished by its coat pattern, which is ticked in the manner associated with wild cats. They are fearless and can get themselves in trouble if not properly supervised. They wake up with a "to-do" list and don't rest until everything is checked off. Abyssinians can be very stubborn and difficult to distract once they have an idea.

Though ruddy is the color most associated with the breed, Abyssinian cats are widely available in blue, fawn, and red (also known as sorrel or cinnamon) as well. They are less commonly available in silver tones, lavender, chocolate, sex-linked red, and tortie.


Photo Cat's registered name: Ch Red Ferne Baily's Irish Cream
Cat's call name: Bailey
Breed: Abyssinian
Color: Red
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 09/12/2012
Sex: Female; spayed
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Registered with: CFA
Cat's location: Kentucky
Home preferences: Adults-only household. Other cats OK; no dogs (see notes).
Homepage where cat can be seen:
Notes: Bailey is a sweet girl who needs to be a only cat other pets stress her out too much and she has allergies and tends to overgroom a combination of the allergies and stress she did not start this until her last kittens left in 2016 she has had several vet visits to rule out anything else and is in good health other then the overgrooming/allergy issue which I think given the right home with her being the queen of the home may hopefully get better in time.

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Listed until Dec 20, 2017

North Dakota

Photo Cat's registered name: CH Kahalicats Rhapsody of Prairieridge
Cat's call name: Rhapsody
Breed: Abyssinian
Color: Ruddy
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): 06/18/2015
Sex: Female; spayed
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Registered with: TICA, ACFA
Cat's location: Sheldon, North Dakota
Home preferences: Children of any age OK. Dogs OK; no other cats.
Homepage where cat can be seen:
Notes: Rhapsody lives with children and is great as a family pet. She has been spayed because she didn't work out as a breeder. Beautiful example of an Abyssinian, so did well the two times that she was shown (kitten and as an adult). FeLV and FIV negative.

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Phone  Telephone: 701-882-3289
Listed until Jan 18, 2018


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