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Savannah CatDescription

The Savannah cat is a hybrid breed derived from breeding together domestic cats and African Serval cats. Since this breeding is difficult to achieve, Savannahs remain a very rare breed.

The Savannah breed is lean and graceful, with a distinct impression of wildness. Its most striking features are a boldly-spotted golden, silver, or black smoke coat, a three-quarter-length tail, and its tall, muscular build. Savannahs should resemble a serval cat in aspect and bearing.

The Savannah personality is friendly, affectionate, and people-oriented.

Savannah cats are accepted at present only in black, brown spotted tabby, silver spotted tabby, and black smoke. Due to the newness of these breeds, Savannah kittens may be available in other colors, though these colors are not currently accepted.

Since this is a relatively new breed and they are so challenging to breed, Savannahs are still very rare.

WARNING: As a hybrid breed, Savannahs are illegal to own in some states or municipalities in the United States. This is mostly due to badly-worded laws banning wild animal-domestic animal hybrids, mostly meant to prevent dangerous hybrid crosses that might result in vicious animals or invasive species. Registry-recognized hybrids and good breeding practices result in neither, but laws can take time to change. Please check with this website to determine if your state is affected:

Photo © Chanan

Acceptance: This breed is accepted for championship status in TICA.

Savannah Breed Information

Savannah Video:

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