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SiberianThe Siberian cat is Russia's native semi-l onghair. This large, powerful cat is still quite rare in the U.S., though it is more common on the Asian continent and in Europe.

The first Siberians were imported to the United States in 1990, but very little else is known about their early history and development.

Siberian kittens come in many colors in patterns, with brown tabby being the most popular color. Colorpoint Siberians are also known as "Neva Masquerade", both for the Neva River in Siberia and the mask-like appearance of the colorpoint.

Siberian cats have a thick triple coat with a full ruff that gets thicker in the winter months.The coat is a bit oily and very water-resistent, possibly an evolutionary trait that helped it deal with harsh Russian winters.

The Siberian personality is often described as dog-like, as they tend not to be shy with strangers. It is a loyal, affectionate, and playful breed.

Although some claim that the Siberian breed is hypoallergenic, there is no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic cat. They produce less of the allergen-producing protein in their saliva and dander, so some people who allergic to cats may be able to tolerate a Siberian. Like any cat allergy, this may be highly individual. If you have a cat allergy and are considering a Siberian, be sure to discuss this with the breeder.

Associations: The Siberian cat breed is accepted for championship status in most North American cat registries. It is accepted as Provisional in CFA.

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