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Thai cat photoDescription

The Thai cat breed arose in Southeast Asia, in the nation now known as Thailand. The British brought many of these cats back to England in the late 19th and early 20th century. They called the breed the "Siamese" because they found the cats in the kingdom of Siam. The British breeders wrote a standard for the Siamese and bred them accordingly. But the Thai people continued to call the cats by their original native name, "Wichienmaat", and continued to breed them as they always had.

The Thai breed is the native pointed cat of Thailand. The TICA standard was based on the appearance of Wichienmaats imported from Thailand. In Europe and North America it is sometimes, officially, called the Old-Style Siamese. Unofficially or colloquially, people may refer to it as the traditional Siamese, applehead Siamese, or by other names. However, those terms do not have official or agreed-upon definitions in the formal cat fancy.

The Thai cat in TICA has higher set ears and a more lithe body than the Tonkinese, but at the same time is a more substantial, less refined, and less extreme cat than the Siamese. When you see the three breeds side by side, you can easily tell them apart.

Thai kittens are most commonly found in seal point, which is a dark brown, but many other point colors are possible. The Thai personality is exuberant, people-loving, intelligent, energetic, and athletic. They form tight bonds with their people, and love to have fun. They must have companionship and stimulation daily to thrive.

Acceptance: The Thai cat is recognized for championship status in TICA.

Thai Breed Information

  • Thai (TICA Breed Profile)

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